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Friday, February 09, 2007

A380 draws a step nearer

Airbus has held the first flight of the A380 for media complete with their own fitout (actual airline specifications will differ of course). CNN's Richard Quest reported on that A380 flight. There are also rumours that Lufthansa will hold some passenger flights (off schedule by invitation only?) in March (yes 2007) as part of it's preparation program (the positive publicity finally generated after many months of delays won't hurt either). Check out a discussion on Flyer Talk as to how to get on these early flights. Note the aircraft will not actually have the Lufthansa fitout for the A380, but still very interesting for enthusiasts.

I am sure I can't get onboard a Lufthansa trial passenger flight, but I am still hoping I can make the first commercial A380 flights, with Singapore Airlines. Fingers crossed the wait will be worth it.

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Jezza said...

All tickets for the inaugural A380 flight between Singapore and Sydney will be sold on eBay with all proceeds going to charity:

Slick marketing!