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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lobby group wants more nickel and diming

While my mind is on the subject of baggage changes, a post on Flight Wisdom caught my eye. The Coalition for Luggage Security is pushing for all checked baggage to be charged separate to the ticket price. In a 2005 paper they argue that requiring passengers to (or encouraging through penal rates for checked baggage) freight their bags in advance of the flight will improve security.

Maybe it will, but for sure it will be a huge hassle for many travellers. How many people know days in advance what they will take on a trip? For complex itineraries where spending only a night or two at several different locations the logistics start to get challenging. How would hotels feel about providing extra baggage storage as their guests bags start arriving days ahead of the actual guests?

A fairly lame attempt on the part of this lobby group to use the ongoing security paranoia to their own advantage.

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Mark said...

Don’t be fooled by this “Coalition.” It’s purely a front for a luggage-shipping company. They’ve made public statements like this before, trying to drum up business. See this earlier post, when the same group praised Air Canada for effectively instituting checked-luggage fees:
Checked luggage now costs 20 bucks on lowest Air Canada fares