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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Liquids and carry-ons

A fortnight is a long time in the war on liquids. Since my previous entry, some further countries have announced new liquids bans in carry-ons. The upcoming changes are:

  • Nepal - no liquids at all (other countries allow the small containers in clear sealable plastic bag)
  • Pakistan - no liquids at all
  • Fiji - from 1 March
  • Japan - from 1 March
  • South Korea - from 1 March
  • Taiwan - from 1 March
  • Australia - from 31 March on international flights
  • New Zealand - from 31 March on international flights

This list is incomplete and with fast changing rules all travellers should check with their airline(s) in the first instance. The rules apply for both departures and transits.

So it seems it won't be long until all countries have adopted restrictions on liquids in carry-ons for flights.

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