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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nickel & diming by a major airline

An update on my previous reports of last year, on more woes for British Airways passengers. Four months later than originally planned, new limits on checked baggage will apply from 13 February 2007.

BA has posted this news onto its website just days before it comes into effect. The first passengers impacted have every right to complain if it is being enforced strictly. Reaction by the media and the blogsphere has been negative as you'd expect (eg check out BBC and Upgrade : Travel Better).

In a bid to soften the blow, British Airways advises they will continue to accept bags over 23kg each until 30 September 2007. Of course you will pay handsomely for the privilege at up to 120 pounds each way (or more if stopover en route).

I think BA has forgotten that one reason why passengers choose a full service airline at higher fares is to avoid the nickel & diming of the low cost carrier alternatives.

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