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Friday, October 23, 2009

Expert travel assistance from a travel dork

No, not from me.

Self-confessed travel dork, The Cranky Flier (the blog is a must read for me), is now offering a travel concierge service targetted at infrequent airline travellers based in USA.

Expert help is offered for all the main areas of worry for flyers, from planning, to monitoring, contingency plans in case of problems and post-flight disputes with the airlines.

The rates are low for the angst saved, and I can't believe the surcharge for international travel is a mere $20 given how much more complicated it is.

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Cranky Concierge said...

Indeed, it may very well prove to be a steal on the international runs, but I will evaluate over time and make changes if necessary. I want to keep this as low as I can while still earning a decent living for myself.