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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Travel dreams can come true

Granted, the first travel dream coming true for me recently sets a low bar, but it has been long time a-coming. Finally after years of frustration my local airport will have a bus service that meets every arriving and departing flight. Over the years I've spent a small fortune on cabs (it is a 30-60+ minute cab ride each direction for me) because there is no bus early enough for the early morning departures, or late enough for the late evening arrivals, both of which feature prominently in my itineraries. It was recently announced that from next week the bus will be running 24/7. Yay. I still have gripes about the service, such as the spotty frequency and the lack of frequent flyer discounts (this week alone I'll use the bus 8 times!) but 24/7 is a good move to be applauded.

The second travel dream was the very rare double upgrade from a cramped economy seat to a luxurious business class bed on a 14 hour flight. I'm very grateful to the airline staff who arranged this for me.

The third travel dream is yet to happen, but I am counting down to it. I've been wanting to fly Singapore Airlines on the A380 for years, even planning to be on the inaugural until my hopes were dashed by the date confirmation coming hot on the heels of a complicated itinerary booked in a race for lifetime frequent flyer status a few years ago. Since then I've flown Qantas A380, and Emirates A380, both in first class. Earlier this year I flew Singapore Airlines A380 for the first time, in business class. Finally, in a couple of weeks time, I get to fly first class on Singapore Airlines A380 thanks to judicious use of a frequent flyer mileage award. That isn't the only thing I'm looking forward to on that trip, but the other stuff will have to wait for my flight has been called for boarding.

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