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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to get to | Western Sahara

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Western Sahara

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Western Sahara refers to the disputed country/province called Western Sahara.

Despite the proximity to the Canary Islands, it is difficult to visit Western Sahara. The ways to reach Western Sahara is to drive or fly from Morocco (if visiting the Moroccan portion) or a difficult drive from Mauritania (if visiting the "independent" portion). Airlines flying to Western Sahara include:
  • Star Alliance - none
  • Oneworld - none
  • Sky Team - none
  • Other Selected - Royal Air Maroc, Regional Air Lines

TIP Check government travel advisories for the latest safety & security status before visitng Western Sahara. I'd expect French advisories to be the most up to date and accurate.

TIP There are some references to a couple of Canary Islands based airlines starting flights, but at time of writing these are not verified.


Daniel G said...

I can verify there is a small company with a 9 seat plane that flies regurally from the canary islands. They changed owners not long time ago, but before was "TOP FLY".

The Global Traveller said...

Thanks for that information. Western Sahara isn't the easiest place to get accurate info on.

Lily Riani said...

Am writing here not on Western Sahara but on Morocco, the other route to Sahara (Northern).

Oh by the way (slightly off track), if you ever plan to depart from Morocco to Spain via ferry, apparently the rule is you need to use the same mode of transportation you came in (please check). I got stuck as we flew in from Malaysia, thus unabale to take the nice cruise to Spain. Should have spent the lost time going to Northern Sahara....sigh...