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Friday, October 23, 2009

Made up security rules

It is no wonder airport security has a bad name amongst regular travellers when rules get made up by the screeners/officers.

Today while in a short queue of 3 people I saw and experienced directly myself a screener make up 3 different "rules", one for each passenger. No this wasn't in USA.

What made up security rules have you experienced?


Gary said...

So what were the made up rules??

The Global Traveller said...

Remove everything from pockets including boarding pass and passport.

Remove belt - this is not required in New Zealand.

Remove sweater - this is also not required in NZ.

Karen said...

In San Diego the TSA calls it "keeping people guessing". Really, that's what the agent told me. The specific was "shoes must go in on the belt separate and not in a bin." That was a one and only time rule. Normally we stick our shoes in a bin with all our other crap.

Boarding pass & passport - That's been standard for me at FRA for a couple years.