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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spooky being recognised while travelling

I travel a lot, and as such I am recognised by some airline, airport and lounge staff, and immigration/customs and security officers at certain airports which I pass through very frequently.

However this didn't prepare me for a recent encounter in Singapore. While I used to pass through Singapore very often (a few times a month), lately it has been just a few times a year with the most recent being several months ago. So I was stunned to be remembered by a security screener the other day. She not only knew me but remembered my name!

Singapore Changi airport has many millions of passengers passing through every year. There are many security screening stations (at almost every gate) and so there must be hundreds of screeners at this airport. Perhaps it was my tiredness from having spent 4 days travelling, but I was spooked by this. Do I have a stalker? A fan? A friend of a friend perhaps?

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