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Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to get to | American Samoa

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American Samoa
Source: Eric Guinther

American Samoa isn't the easiest of places to reach. You can arrive by ferry from Samoa or by air from Apia (Polynesian Airlines) or Honolulu (Hawaiian Airlines).
TIP As neither Polynesian Airlines nor Hawaiian Airlines are members of any alliances, award and RTW fare options are limited. From North America it will almost certainly be cheapest to fly via Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

The ferry to American Samoa is not running due to damage from the tsunami.

The Global Traveller said...

Thanks. This will almost assuredly be temporary. Is there a timeframe for getting the ferry going again?

Karen said...

There's a once a week LAX-APW on Air New Zealand departing Tuesday night/arrive Wed. for *Alliance. Then catch the Polynesian Air to PPG. ANZ returns on Monday nights back to LAX. If you do this option, you must make sure you change money to local currency to pay for the taxi to the other airport and the departure tax. Also bring all your Polynesian Air papers with you to the LAX counter or they may deny you boarding.