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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Global Reach of Airline Alliances

Some readers have requested more information on getting everywhere. Eventually all countries will be covered by my "how to get to" series, but in the meantime here is some information on where the 3 main airline alliances fly.

The global airline alliances reach into many corners of the globe. The following maps illustrate, based on countries served as at February 2009. Home countries of airlines for each alliance are shown in light red, and other destination countries in dark red. Maps courtesy of World Map Maker.

From the maps you can see every alliance has areas of network weakness/limited coverage:

  • Star Alliance - Central America & Caribbean, South America, Africa
  • Oneworld - Africa, Asia, Pacific
  • Sky Team - Middle East, west Asia, Pacific

Plus some large countries with significant domestic flying are not well covered by some alliances:

  • Canada - all except Star Alliance
  • Brazil - all
  • Russia - all except Sky Team
  • India - all
  • China - Oneworld
  • Australia - all except Oneworld
Star Alliance


Sky Team

PS Oneworld does serve Venezuela but for some reason wouldn't come through on the Oneworld map.

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