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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Update on missing mileage

Last month I blogged I was missing 70,000 odd points and miles from various flights and hotel stays. After some chasing up I am now down to 6 flights which I am missing miles for, or have been credited incorrectly.

With the sheer volume of travel I do, having a system to keep track of it all is the only way I can prevent missing out on a lot of points and miles. It is annoying that every year I have at least 25 flights or hotel stays fail to credit or credit incorrectly. That sounds like a lot, but over 90% credit fine. At the moment I keep track in a spreadsheet and mark off when the points are credited. A simple filter shows me which ones I still have to wait on or follow up.

How do readers keep track of their earning? Particularly if you have multiple frequent flyer programs and frequent stay programs?

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