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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Update on Singapore Airlines premium awards

Last month I, and many others, blogged about Singapore Airlines releasing awards in first and business class on 77W and A380.

Upon investigation the release was in error and stopped within a couple of days. However, I stand by my comments that I expect there will be a relaxation of the current blackout of premium (new product) first and business class awards on Singapore Airlines ... hopefully this year.

There are 2 good reasons. (1) with the retirement of their 747s Singapore Airlines is rapidly running out of longhaul routes on which you can get premium awards (777-200ER flies secondary longhaul routes but has no first class). (2) Singapore Airlines is not immune to the plunging loads in premium cabins being experienced nearly everywhere (IATA data shows a worldwide 12% fall in premium cabin revenue in November 2008 alone). It is one thing to not offer awards to protect revenue but if they are not selling any seats (some A380 flights have had zero sold F seats) then they may as well get some income through awards.

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