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Friday, February 06, 2009

STA World Travel Internship

I've had a few reader emails about the 2009 STA World Travel Internship competition. A lot of 18-26 year olds have posted video entries and are asking for views and comments in order to help them win the prize (travel all over the place).

From STA

Our World Traveler Interns (interns with an "S") will traverse the globe
experiencing a number of travel adventures and showcasing their experiences
daily via a journal/blog, video and podcasts. They will be responsible for
describing everything they do and experience with the ultimate goal of
inspiring other students and young people to become World Travelers!

Sounds like fun. A shame I'm no longer eligible. Here is a link to the first email I received, at internswithans, and you can see the rest of the entries at Youtube. Good luck.

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